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Titanic Matric Farewell - Another Nyeleti Events Success!

Choosing a Matric Dance theme is an exciting and challenging task. Expectations run high and every year the competition is high: will this year’s theme be better than the last?

Ben Vorster High School in Tzaneen hosted a Titanic themed event and the immaculately dressed guests was immediately on entering the hall transferred to the ball room on the enigmatic vessel.

The team from Nyeleti Events surpassed expectations and every grade 12 scholar truly felt like Jack Dawson ... Kings and Queens of the world for sure!

2017 marked the twentieth year anniversary since the phenomenal movie "Titanic: was first released and this outstanding event which will linger on like favourable memories of the girls and guys that attended the Titanic Matric Dance.

"I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it."

Jack Dawson

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